Smart irrigation

  • Control water use across farms, orchards, parks, sportsfields, gardens and other green areas

  • Optimise sprinkler use to reduce unnecessary water use

  • Reduce time and effort to make changes to sprinkler patterns as weather and conditions change

Smart Farming
Smart Cities
IoT, long-range, low-power
Water management
Remote sprinkler control
Web application
Predictive maintenance
Golf courses
IoT, long-range, low-power
Soil moisture
Solar powered

Product / service details

Our low power, long-range network based irrigation solutions  enable you to:

  • Control water use from your mobile device or control centre

  • Change sprinkler behaviour remotely routines/ programmes and ad hoc) with long-range controllers

  • Monitor soil moisture to inform sprinkler behaviour and operational decisions

  • Respond proactively to issues and undertake predictive maintenance

  • Demonstrate leadership and responsibility with water use, supported by data (sprinkler operation, performance, need)

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