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Kiwi-tec’s TLM922S adopts LoRaTM technology and have got LoRaWAN certified. We developed TLM922S on the basis of Semtech SX1272 and a 32-bit Cortex M0 CPU, and it can support frequency range from 862MHz to 932MHz. In our distance test, the data can be received 10Km away from transmission point in the urban. UART interface and in line command are offered to simplify the development effort for developers. Besides, TLM922S is a tiny but powerful module and easy for users to integrate it into their system for different applications, especially IoT and M2M. It also could be the infrastructure of a smart city. Kiwi-tec is a leading and professional company in network field, and we support both LoRaWAN and proprietary protocols for all our clients.

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