WLT 310

EPIC® SENSORS WLT 310 IoTKey® Transmitter for preventive maintenance

LoRaWAN Specification
IoT, long-range, low-power
Smart industry
LoRaWAN certified

Product / service details

The IoTKey® WLT 310 is a wireless LoRa 868 MHz transmitter designed for various applications, also for harsh industrial environment. It is capable of sending data over extremely long ranges. The WLT 310 is a LoRaWAN CertifiedCM and CE-marked product. 

The IoTKey® Transmitter provides a reliable and flexible way for making your sensors and measurements wireless. With the LoRa communication it offers long range, low power wireless data communication with excellent interference immunity, even in demanding industrial conditions. By adding our IoTKey® Gateway and the cloud based web IoTKey® Portal you can get a complete remote monitoring system up and running in just minutes. 

One configurable IoTKey® Transmitter can be connected with up to three sensors. It is simple to setup also for retro-fit and temporary installations. Which means it is a very cost efficient way to get more data for better preventive maintenance, problem diagnostics and condition monitoring. 

The smart transmitter’s application parameters are configurable Over-the-Air (OTA) and it continuously measures process values.

Complete measuring sets are available:

  • transmitter, antenna and battery integrated in a temperature sensor head, immersible temperature sensor included
  • transmitter, antenna and battery integrated in a plastic PC-V0 industrial enclosure, cable inlets for sensors and mA/V-signals
  • transmitter, antenna and battery integrated in an Ex db / Ex tb enclosure, with ATEX certification for use in Ex Zones 1 and 21, for sensors/inputs of matching classification. 
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WLT 310 Datasheet
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