Products by AcSiP Technology Corp.

AcSiP Technology Corp.

LoRa Transceiver Module S68F


AcSiP Technology Corp.

LoRa SiP Module S76G

AcSiP manufactures S76G, the world’s smallest LoRa+GPS SiP (System in Package) 11x13x1.55mm. It integrates Semtech SX1276 RF Transceiver, a 32-bit ultra-low power STM32L073x MCU and highly efficient SONY CXD5603GF multi-GNSS [...]

AcSiP Technology Corp.

LoRa SiP Module S76S

The S76S is designed & manufactured in a smallest form factor – SiP ( System in Package ). It integrate with Semtech SX1276 and a 32-bit ultra low power Cortex [...]

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