Technical document

TR010-1.0.0 LoRaWAN Roaming Hub

This document describes various aspects related to the implementation and operation of Roaming Hubs, in the form of a LoRa Alliance technical recommendation. There are no new RH-related backend message…

White paper

Augmenting BACnet with LoRaWAN® Wireless IoT

Building automation and control (BAC) systems can manage everything in the built environment from light and temperature to air and water to security and servicing. Yet traditional hard- wired BAC…

Technical document

TR009-1.0.0 Roaming Configuration Guidelines

This technical recommendation provides a description of the required configuration parameters to be used on the Network Servers and Join Servers to enable Stateless Passive Roaming. Please note configuration for…

Technical document

TR008-1.0.0 European Roaming Guidelines

This technical recommendation provides the technical requirements between operators to optimize the QoS of Passive Roaming on the LoRaWAN Network.

White paper: Sustainable smart buildings for the planet, people, and profit

According to recent reports, the smart building market is expected to grow from $43.6 billion in 2018 to $160 billion by 2026.1 Fueled by an increased focus on carbon emissions,…

Technical document

TR007 Developing LoRaWAN® Devices v1.0.0

This Technical Recommendation is intended to provide guidance to end-device and LoRaWAN® protocol stack developers to help ensure they produce well-behaved and interoperable products.  The document is structured in a…