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akenza is the self-service IoT platform, allowing you to build great IoT products and services with value. It connects, controls, and manages IoT devices, all in one place.

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Actility, Milesight and Akenza Release 3 New IoT Solutions for Indoor Air Quality, Smart Office and Smart Building

Member Press Release

Do you  need to monitor and manage your indoor air quality, water leakage, and security? Are you looking for a solution that helps drive an unparalleled mix of device-collaborated flexibility, […]


Actility – ThingPark™ Wireless Integration is now part of the latest version of

Member Press Release

Actility and Akenza are glad to announce the integration of Actility’s ThingPark™ Wireless accounts into the latest version of the akenza IoT platform. Akenza offers a low-code IoT platform allowing […]

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