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Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox RB11E – Wireless Occupancy, Temperature & Light Sensor

Netvox’s wireless occupancy, temperature and light sensor reports temperature and illumination status values over the LoRaWAN network at pre-arranged intervals. In addition to this the infrared occupancy sensor will alert [...]

Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox R711 – Wireless LoRaWAN Indoor Temperature Humidity Sensor

Netvox’s wireless indoor air temperature and humidity sensor collects and transmits readings to give accurate measurements and monitor any changes in environment. The wireless sensor sends the alert messages to [...]

Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox R311W – Wireless LoRaWAN Water Leak Sensor

Netvox’s water leak sensor alerts when a leak is detected allowing you to act quickly in order to minimise potential damage to property. They can be installed in numerous locations [...]

Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox R311G – Wireless LoRaWAN Light Sensor

Netvox’s wireless light sensor is used for the detection of ambient light intensity. It can work in conjunction with other devices to perform wireless dimming functions. The wireless communication is [...]

Alliot Technologies Ltd

Netvox R311A – Wireless Compact Door/Window Sensor

Netvox’s wireless door/window sensor utilises a magnetic switch to detect when a door or window is opened. Ideal for areas where access needs to be monitored, the wireless sensor sends [...]

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