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Products by B Meters SRL

B Meters SRL


Ultrasonic smart water meter designed for measuring cold water consumption in households, blocks of flats and for industrial applications. • High accuracy up to R500 (Q3/Q1) • Mounting in any [...]

B Meters SRL


HYDROCAL-M4 is a compact thermal energy meter that measures the amount of energy used for heating or cooling the water supplied to individual tenants served by centralized heating/cooling systems. The [...]

B Meters SRL


HYDRODIGIT-S1 is a single jet, IP68, SMART water meter with LoRaWAN® integrated transmission module. User friendly “Plug & Play” installation.

B Meters SRL


IWM-LR4 is a LoRaWAN IP68 radio module applicable to the series of woltmann water meters mod. WDE-K50 produced by B METERS. In addition to information on current consumption, it allows [...]

B Meters SRL


IWM-LR3 is a LoRaWAN IP68 radio module applicable to the series of multi jet water meters mod. GMDM-I, GMB-I, GMB-RP-I and single jet mod. CPR-M3-I produced by B METERS.

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