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Products by Moko Technology Ltd

Moko Technology Ltd

MKGW2-LW Gateway

MKGW2 is based on LoRaWAN protocol, which is embedded with Semtech’s high performance multi-channel transceiver SX1301/SX1257 and MTK platform. It is for indoor use and easy for installation.

Moko Technology Ltd


LW003-B integrates Bluetooth and LoRaWAN wireless communication, it can scan Bluetooth Beacon data and transmits data to LoRaWAN gateway, and then upload to server, so as to realize environmental monitoring [...]

Moko Technology Ltd

LW003-B Pro Gateway

The LW003-B Pro is a Bluetooth-LoRaWAN gateway that seamlessly combines LoRa and Bluetooth wireless communication. This device is capable of scanning Bluetooth Beacon data, transmitting it to a LoRaWAN-based gateway, [...]

Moko Technology Ltd

LW009-SM Vehicle Detection Sensors

LW009 series are LoRaWAN wireless vehicle detection sensors suitable for indoor and outdoor parking detection. It integrates microwave radar and geomagnetic detection technology with advanced signal detection algorithm to accurately [...]

Moko Technology Ltd

LW007-PIR Sensor

The LW007-PIR is a LoRaWAN-based PIR sensor adept at detecting motion and occupancy. Operating within its detection range, it transmits status changes via the LoRaWAN network. Additionally, it offers door [...]

Moko Technology Ltd

LW002-TH Temperature & Humidity Sensor

LW002-TH is a wireless temperature and humidity sensor for data gathering and monitoring. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor applications.

Moko Technology Ltd

LW006-SB Smart Badge

The LW006-SB is a smart badge that combines LoRaWAN network transmission with BLE, WIFI, and GPS positioning technologies. This combination allows for reliable indoor and outdoor positioning, making it ideal [...]

Moko Technology Ltd

LW001-BG PRO Tracker

LW001-BG PRO is a wireless smart, ultra-low power consumption, indoor & outdoor LoRaWAN Tracker. It integrates GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi positioning, supports a variety of working modes, suitable for most [...]

Moko Technology Ltd

LW004-PB Panic Button

The LW004-PB is a specialized panic button for LoRaWAN crafted for versatile indoor and outdoor applications. Primarily utilized for enhancing personal safety, it finds its key applications in hotels, hospitals, [...]

Moko Technology Ltd

LW008-MT Mini GPS Tracker

The LW008-MT Mini GPS Tracker for LoRaWAN is versatile for both indoor and outdoor positioning needs, whether for building construction, logistics tracking, or other asset monitoring. Its compact size allows [...]

Moko Technology Ltd


LW005-MP is a wireless meter plug with consumption monitoring for indoor use. It is mainly used to measure electrical power consumption and wireless remote control.

Moko Technology Ltd


MOKO MKL62BA series module is a small size, low power and compatible LoRaWAN protocol module. It is designed for end device,and it integrate LoRa and BLE technology.

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