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KCS TraceME TM-901 is a powerful multi-sensor and GPS tracking device, which has been LoRaWAN certified for both EU 868MHz and US 915MHz bands. It is equipped with no-compromise long range LoRaWAN / BLE and proprietary 2.4GHz radio hardware. With ultra-low power consumption, the battery lifespan can be as long as 15 years with one standard primary cell. Being very compact (53x15x7.5mm, 3 grams) it features a broad selection of optional sensors: temperature, acceleration, GPS + Glonass, Barometer/altitude meter, Compass/magneto meter, Humidity sensor, as well as three LEDs, a push button and a micro-USB connector with 3 IO that can be configured as serial port or analog/digital input/output. The sensor logging and transmission behavior is completely user-configurable and hardware and firmware customizations are possible.

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Supported Classes
Class A
Vertical Markets
Smart Agriculture / Farming|Smart Cities|Smart Environment|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure|Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain
Regulatory Certifications
RED (Europe)

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