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Kerlink Signs IoTdc as Internet of Things Solutions Distributor For Its Expansion into South Africa


Thorigné-Fouillard, France and Gauteng, South Africa – Jan. 14, 2020, 6:00 pm CEST – Kerlink (AKLK – FR0013156007), a specialist in...

LoRa Alliance on 2020: Private Networks, Platform Advances, Edge Computing
LoRaWAN® News

“Industrial IoT (IIoT) has advanced by leaps and bounds this year as companies have realized the amount of insight they could gain into their...

SenRa Deploy’s LoRaWAN Network in 60 Cities
SenRa Tech Pvt. Ltd.

NEW DELHI, India- December 27, 2019: SenRa, a PAN India Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) provider for long range-based (LoRa®-based) Internet of...

Industrial wireless solutions push boundaries to deliver data from remote locations
LoRaWAN® News

LoRaWAN, self-healing mesh, WirelessHART and other innovations push boundaries of reliably to deliver data from remote, hard-to-reach locations.


How to Evaluate Connectivity Options for Smart Water Meters in the IoT Age
LoRaWAN® News

The promise of connected smart meters has been discussed for years, and many utilities have used mobile reading solutions for years, but only a few...

Minol-ZENNER Group Invests in GP JOULE CONNECT
Minol ZENNER Connect GmbH

The service provider and digitalisation pilot for the real estate and energy industry has acquired shares in the specialist for electromobility. This...