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JRI is a French manufacturer of IoT temperature monitoring solutions and compliant with quality regulations and standards in Agri-Food, Healthcare and Industry.
Our systems ensure a reliable monitoring of various parameters: temperature, door contact, energy consumption... for equipments such as refrigerators, freezers, cold chambers, transportation of thermo-sensitive products and many additional applications. 
The new solution JRI MySirius is an innovative cloud-based temperature monitoring system, based on wireless  LoRaWAN sensors LoRa SPY.
The wireless sensors are placed straight in the refrigerator, freezer or cold room and communicate with the secured Cloud. The data interface is fully customizable through optional modules adapted to each user’s needs.
A variety of alarm management with indicators and bookmarks allows an optimal follow-up.
The solution is accessible from anywhere in the world and can also be hosted on a local server.

Smart Agriculture / Farming
Smart Buildings / Facilities Management
Smart Industry / Industrial IoT
Smart Metering / Smart Utilities
Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain

Products by JRI


The LoRaWN® SPY connected sensors ensure a wireless monitoring for temperature and other...

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