Kerlink Wirnet iBTS 64 Highway

Kerlink Wirnet iBTS 64 Highway IoT gateway is a carrier grade64 channels Full-Duplex geolocation-ready outdoor LoRaWAN™ gateway.

LoRaWAN Specification

Product / service details

Specially tailored for US market, Kerlink Wirnet iBTS 64 Highway is a concentrate of performance, reliability and robustness for smart IoT networks.

Based on the iBTS architecture and components widely deployed worldwide, it offers a Full-Duplex carrier grade LoRaWAN solution that meets Ultra-secure HW and SW requirements.

Its 64 Rx channels (multi Spreading Factor) + 8 Rx channels (mono Spreading Factor) allow to connect the maximum of your LoRa® sensors:

This LoRaWAN gateway is fully compatible with LoRa native sensors geolocation and Kerlink Wanesy Geolocation solution. It can be remotely monitored and easily managed with Kerlink network operations solution : Kerlink Wanesy Management Center.

Environmental protection
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