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Load, displacement, pressure and temperature are critical parameters in many construction and mining projects.

Load cells are frequently used to monitor the stressing force of ground anchors, prestressing tendons and stay cables. The data gathered from the monitoring of the load cells can be used to verify the project design, plan the maintenance or decide on the implementation of additional protective measures to ensure the stability of the site.

Displacement sensors are used to monitor cracks in structures affected by nearby excavations, expansion or contraction of joints, displacements associated with landslides and unstable slopes and projects that require measuring the vertical/lateral displacement during critical activities like lifting, lowering, sliding and underpinning.

Pressure transmitters are installed in civil works, mining or utility infrastructures to monitor water level, ground water pressure, pressure in pipes, level in a tank or silo, pressure in pot bearings, jacking operations.

Temperature measurement is required to correlate all the above parameters and is also as a critical parameter in rock fall activation or for concrete maturity monitoring.

The Loadsensing Piconode easily connects load cells, displacement sensors, pressure transmitters and temperature probes to the internet. The Piconode transforms manual and sporadic data collection to a more regular and automatic process making it the most cost-efficient way to capture data from any environment. The Piconode is capable of gathering data from different sensors and transmitting the data via long-range radio to a gateway connected to the Internet. One gateway can support hundreds of nodes in the same network.

The Piconode can also be used as a standalone logger for manual monitoring and can be easily configured and connected with a USB cable and an Android phone.

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