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PCR2 Indoor Radar Peopleflow Measurement

PCR2 is a camera-less people counting sensor with LoRaWAN connectivity. It works with an integrated dual radar system with advanced signal processing that enables directional counting of humans or other moving objects.

Product / service details

  • Bi-Directional counting of persons
  • Integrated radar sensor with advanced signal processing
  • Trigger Mode or Interval Mode
  • Fully configurable by downlink
  • Indoor and Outdoor IP67 versions available
  • Vertically (ceiling) or horizontally mountable
  • Wide range power supply input 5...12V DC

Applications include:

  • People flow measurements for statistics
  • Heatmapping in Shops and Cities
  • Facility Managment Applications
  • Surveillance Applications 


Environmental protection
IP2x (Indoor)
LoRaWAN Certified Product Certificate
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