Senet RAN Provider Services

Senet RAN Provider Services offer a unique way for infrastructure providers to participate in the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace and monetize the deployment of millions, and ultimately billions, of low-power, low-cost sensors - across the globe. RAN Providers benefit from their investment in the infrastructure by sharing in the revenue generated by all end devices connecting to their Radio Access Network.

Product / service details

RAN providers participating in Senet’s Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVN™) can create new revenue streams by deploying and maintaining LoRaWAN™ Gateways of any type (indoor or outdoor) on their infrastructure. RAN providers are responsible for the costs of deployment and maintenance of their RAN, including but not limited to required capital investment (i.e. gateways and installation costs), operating expenses (i.e. site leases, IP backhaul, electricity) and periodic maintenance (i.e. gateway repair/replacement).

Senet offers a full suite of RAN management and deployment services available to complement your existing network operations expertise. Flexible service offerings allow you to select as little or as much as you need. RAN services include:

Network Design and RF Planning
> End Node coverage simulation with anticipated performance characteristics
> Redundancy strategies and planning

RAN Site Acquisition
> Municipality, owned, donated or leased location
> Permitting
> Power – AC, PoE, Solar
> Internet Protocol backhaul connectivity – Ethernet, Fiber, Cellular

RAN Deployment
> Gateway hardware acquisition
> Provisioning and staging
> Installation – Tower climb, rooftop, billboards, light poles

RAN Management & Operations
> Monitoring (uptime, backhaul, capacity)
> Escalations and alerting
> Trouble calls and truck rolls

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