Smilio Action - Validation

"Smilio Action - Validation" is a system of 3 connected buttons allowing to report multiple events and trigger automated actions through email, SMS, API or webservices.
This device is equipped with "Proof of Presence" technology that enables to validate and to time-and-date-stamp staff interventions.

Product / service details

Smilio Action "Validation" is a device composed of 3 connected buttons which allow to trigger an action, cancel it if necessary and capable to time-and-date-stamp staff interventions thanks to an integrated badging device. One button enables to confirm an intervention or to express satisfaction on the action carried out.
Smilio Action can be easily integrated within a multitude of applications:
- Automatic resupply
- Automated intervention requests (service, maintenance, safety, medical...)
- Management of transport and logistics runs
- Collection of waste (connected tippers and compactors)
- Traceability of interventions and staff
- Requests for at-home services
- Evaluation and improvement of the quality of service
- and more

Technical characteristics
- Material: thermoplastic polymer (ABS)
- Weight (without batteries): 200 grams
- Dimensions in mm: L 100 x W 100 x H 45
- Color: white
- Vertical or horizontal fixation by screws or double-sided adhesive
- 3 LEDs (votes confirmation)
- "Proof of Presence" Technology: magnetic sensor for the traceability of personnel interventions
- Can be set remotely via Downlink
- 6-years battery autonomy (2 batteries Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3,6 Volts Format AA)
- Waterproof (IP65) and resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C to +60°C)
- CE certified
- Specific range of displays available in our catalogue (counter, wall, floor)
Our devices are designed and assembled in France.

Environmental protection
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