Telematics Guru IoT Platform

Telematics Guru is a white-label asset location / tracking platform that delivers superior features and performance with Digital Matter LoRaWAN devices.

Product / service details

Telematics Guru is a white-label asset tracking platform:
- integrated with Digital Matter LoRaWAN devices, and others
- supports downlink messages to configure devices over-the-air
- works with a number of industry network servers, more coming...
- pricing from $1 per asset per month
- mapping with Google Maps
- live view
- history view
- geo-fences
- alerting engine
- reporting engine, scheduled reports, export to PDF, EXCEL

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Digital Matter

Digital Matter is a global leader in embedded

Geographical Focus:
Manufacture, System integrators, Hardware, End node (sensors or other devices), Software, Application server, IoT platform, Platform, Management / Monitoring, Turnkey Solution
Smart Industry / Industrial IoT, Smart Infrastructure, Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain
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