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IoT Connect Low Power

IoT Connect Low Power is part of Orange Datavenue program which provides a complete range of products and services enabling our customers to design and implement end to end IoT [...]

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Coyote Secure combines LoRa and Sigfox to find stolen vehicles

LoRaWAN® News

By partnering with Orange Business Services to add the LoRaWAN network to the Coyote Secure service, initially with the Sigfox network, Coyote is engaged in large-scale technology convergence. With Coyote […]


LoRaWAN, que je t’aime – Orange reaffirms LoRa affair, keeps the WAN in LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN® News

Mobile operator Orange has reaffirmed its support for LoRaWAN in France “until at least 2027”, committing to maintain the non-cellular technology as a terrestrial IoT network with nationwide coverage in […]


Orange on LPWA: “If there’s no improvement in the radio, we’ll keep the same system”

LoRaWAN® News

The role of Orange Business Services as a “carrier-grade systems integrator” might sound familiar (see previous article), but its impartiality on network technologies looks more pronounced. The French brand is a […]

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