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APULSE X3x5 is a hardware element of a flexible and customized system for gas distributors developed by AIUT.

The device is a universal wireless, battery-powered IoT radio data logger installed on new or existing diaphragm gas meters. The device registers consumption profile as well as magnet and tamper detection from AMR-ready gas meters and transmits them through LoRa low power network. 

The system is intended for remote reading of gas meters installed for fixed or walk-by metering what makes it the most cost effective solution for individual housing, dense urban and block of flats.

The System is quick to install and easy to operate. Thanks to the specially dedicated adapters APULSE X3x5 can be used with different types of gas meters.

System advantages:

· Improved quality of customer service – no need to visit consumer’s premises 

· Possibility of remote consumption-based billing of individual and commercial customers 

· High-quality remote reading system with accurate and flawless daily data transmission 

· Ability to adapt to preferred types of meters and meter suppliers 


Suitable for the following gas meters:

Honeywell/Elster/Kromschroeder BK G1.6-BK G6, BK G100, Gas Souzan, Landis + Gyr / AMPY Model 750, Model 1010, AMPY BK G1.6-BK G6, Metrix UG1.6, UG2.5, 6G4, 6G5, 2G10, 2G16, 2G25, 2G40, 2G65, UG4, UGT4, Metrix Italia UG-ALU, Itron/Actaris/Schlumberger  Gallus 2000 G1.6, Gallus 2000 G2.5, Gallus 2000 G4, RF1, ACD, Itron/Actaris U6, U16, Itron ACD, Gallus, RF1, or any type of gas meter embedded with pulse output (also rotary and turbine gas meters with LF – Low Frequency pulse output). Prepared to mounted in a wall with screws, plastic ties or double sided tape.


ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
(Zone 2, gas group B)

Supported Regional Parameters
Supported Classes
Class A
Vertical Markets
Smart Cities|Smart Industry / Industrial IoT|Smart Infrastructure|Smart Metering / Smart Utilities
Regional Markets
Regulatory Certifications
ANATEL (Brazil)|RED (Europe)

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