LoRaWAN and NB-IoT : competitors or complementary
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LoRaWAN and NB-IoT : competitors or complementary

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ABI Research paper 

Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) technologies are serving a need in multiple IoT markets for devices that are low cost and sustain long battery life, and networks that are low cost, cover wide areas, and can support massive numbers of connections. There are several options for LPWA connectivity, but LoRaWAN and NB-IoT have shown the most momentum and will garner the largest share of the LPWA market in the coming years. This whitepaper will examine the two technologies for their similarities and differences. It will transition to a discussion of LoRaWAN use in several vertical markets, highlighting LoRaWAN’s unique benefits. The whitepaper will conclude with the potential use cases where both LoRaWAN and NB-IoT will operate together to provide the greatest value for customers. 

ABI whitepaper LoRaWAN vs NBIoT
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